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  1. On 12 Mar 1880, an obituary for a Mrs. Bertha Hein appeared in the Daily State Journal of Springfield noting the death occurred in her home on Capitol Ave between 10th and 11th streets. [C002376]
  2. On 13 Dec 1880, an obituary appeared for a Carrie Solle in the Daily State Journal. She was the daughter of William and Mary Solle and also lived on Capitol Ave between 10th and 11th streets. [C002038]
  3. On 22 Mar 1903, an obituary appeared in the Illinois State Journal for William Solle noting that he married Maria Hein on 27 Jan 1861. [C002015]


Maria Hein's mother is Bertha Hein. If she is not Maria's mother, she is a close relation of her parent's generation such as an aunt or wife of an uncle.


The location of the Carrie Solle's death and that of Bertha Hein is the same location, separated by only 9 months worth of time. Maria's surname before marriage was Hein, matching the name of Bertha Hein. It is unlikely an unrelated Hein would live at the same location as Maria. Because Bertha's birthdate is April 1807 and Maria's is 1843, the inference is that Bertha is her parent's generation rather than grandparent's or her own. The most likely relationship would be her mother, though other relationships are also possible.